Advance Java

Course Overview

JAVA is one of the most used programming languages in IT and software companies across the world. Advance JAVA courses focus on introduction to Web Applications. JEE 6, JAVA servlets, JAVA platform and programming skills.

JAVA is everywhere on phones, embedded technology, robotics, applets and more. So it is a king of programming languages. Due to the huge requirement and growing demand for web application development, JAVA professionals are gaining pace.

Course Content

Highlights of Web Technologies (

  • Developing Web Applications On My Eclipse and Eclipse IDES.
  • Deploying Servlets and JSP on Tomcat,Weblogic,JBoss Application Servers
  • Installing Servers(Tomcat7.0,Weblogic)
  • Interview Questions

Java Database Connectivity 4.0

  • Introduction to JDBC Product
  • Types of Drivers
  • Java.sql Package
  • Basic Steps of JDBC
  • Creating and Executing SQL Statement
  • statement
  • prepared Statement
  • callable Statement
  • The Scrollable and updatable Result Set Object
  • Connection
  • Batch Updates
  • Result Set Metadata
  • Features of JDBC3.0

Servlets 3.0

  • Need of Server side Programing
  • Introduction to Servlet
  • Servlet Interaction & Advanced Servlets
  • Life cycle of Servlet
  • Java Servlet Development Kit
  • Javax.servlet package
  • Reading Servlet Parameters
  • Reading Initialization Parameters
  • Javax.sql Package
  • Filters to Servlets
  • Performing database operations
  • The javax.servlet.http Package
  • Event Handling HTTP
  • HttpSessions,Cookies and Hidden form fields
  • Web Application Security

JavaServer Pages

  • Disadvantages of Servlets
  • Introduction to JSP
  • Scripting elements
  • Scriptlet
  • Declaration
  • Expression
  • XML syntax for JSP elements
  • Understanding Web server software
  • Configuring the JSP Server
  • Controls of Jsp
  • JSP Translation Time Errors
  • JSP Request Time Errors
  • Creating a JSP Error Page
  • JSP Model 1 architecture
  • JSP Model 2 (MVC) architecture
  • Custom Tags Development
  • Classic Tags, Simple Tags
  • Error Handling in a jsp
  • JSTL
  • Expression Language
  • Processing XMLin a jsp


Courses in Advance JAVA are specially designed to create expertise in the candidates for network and web applications in JAVA. After completing certification or relevant course in Advance JAVA you can get into sectors like embedded applications, enterprise applications and desktop applications. Also you can choose the area of android application or segments that use J2ME. You can get into the field as an Advance JAVA Developer, Advance JAVA programmer, Advance JAVA Consultant and more.

Trainer Profile

Real Training with Real Time experience. He has around 13 years of Experience in Training,Designing and Implementing the Applications based on Advance java.