Angular JS2 Online Training

Course Overview

Angular 2 is an open source JavaScript framework to build web applications in HTML and JavaScript and has been conceived as a mobile first approach.

Course Content

Getting started
What is angular JS 2
Working with our build tool
Setting up out template

Creating a simple component
Using multiple modules
Understanding template types
Displaying data in our templates
Working with events
Using properties
Using two-way data binding
Adding CSS to our component

Architecture overview
Components, Bootstrap, and the DOM
Directives and pipes
Data binding
Dependency injection
Services and other business logic
Data persistence

Creating a basic module
Using more complex data
Creating a subcomponent
Using multiple subcomponents
Cleaning up components
Filtering content through data pipes

Component metadata
The component selector
The component template
Styling a component
Using other components in a component
Interpolation and the expression context
Property binding
Event binding
Getting data to the component with input
Subscribing to component events with output

Directives and pipes
Structural directives—ng-if
Structural directives—ng-for
Attribute directives—built in
Attribute directives—custom
Using directive values
Working with events in directives
Angular pipes—built in
Angular pipes—custom

Angular forms
Template-driven forms
Model-driven forms
Validation–built in
Error handling
Dependency injection and services
How Angular does dependency injection
Services in angular
Class constructor injection
Building a service
Provider registration at bootstrap
The inject decorator
The opaque token

The angular 2 HTTP bundle
Using a mock back end for HTTP calls
Using HTTP for GET calls
Using UrlSearchParams
Using HTTP for POST, PUT and DELETE calls

The Angular 2 routing bundle
Route configuration
Router outlets
Router links
Using the router class to navigate

Course Training

Angular 2 is faster and easier than Angular 1.
It supports latest the version of browsers and also supports old browsers including IE9+ and Android 4.1+.
It is a cross platform framework.
Angular 2 is mainly focused on mobile apps.
Code structure is very simplified than the previous version of Angular.
If an application is a heavy load, then Angular 2 keeps it fully UI responsive.
It uses server side rendering for fast views on mobile.
It works well with ECMAScript and other languages that compile to JavaScript.
It uses dependency injection to maintain applications without writing too long code.
Everything will be the component based approach.


AngularJs2 is one of the most important and contemporary java script framework it has several applications in the field of IT and professionals with a clear idea with Angular are always welcomed by the leading IT companies.

Several projects are there with Angular into the IT market, though only a few getting opportunity to enter the world of professionalism. This is due to the reason that they do not possess a good certificate; neither, they are backed with sound knowledge in Angular. We aim to provide complete learning experience and our motto is to develop individuals, who can fit with every sort of Angular projects.

Angular developers are in high demand every where. They are highly paid and well respected. It is very lucrative career, provided a very well structured learning and training is required. Angular is considered as tough to master. But a well designed training program and some dedications can guarantee you a bright future in Angular.

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Real Training with Real Time experience. He has around 13 years of Experience in Training,Designing and Implementing the Applications…