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Course Overview

Founded in 2013,HTS  is a private institute well known for Hindi Language programs. We provide Hindi language classes specifically for Foreigners/NRIs in New Delhi & Gurgaon, India. We provide the opportunity to learn world’s third most spoken language from beginner to advance level.

We have been teaching Hindi language since 2004 and providing training to participants from all over the world. Our students are from corporate, defense services, embassies, international NGOs, individuals (tourists) and students from various universities across the globe.

We have some specific long term and short term courses but we also customize our courses after the students’ observation. After all, every student’s improvement and satisfaction is our achievement.


To promote the acquisition of Hindi as a third language through the development of oral and written skills by way of communicative approach.

To immerse participants in the culture of the users of the target language.

To immerse participants in an authentic environment that allows them to participate in academic, cultural and social activities that will enhance their language learning process.


The HTS Hindi language center adheres to the communicative approach to teaching a language which leads to the acquisition of communicative competence on the part of the participant. This approach demands an eclectic yet informed use of teaching practices. A foreign or second language is acquired through : comprehensible input, interaction among the participants, focus on meaning as well as on form, use of authentic materials, use of language learning strategies, recognition of learner differences, creation of language by individuals through trial and error and giving of ample time for cognitive processing of the concepts that are presented. There will be strong emphasis on autonomous learning, on the teaching and practicing of language learning strategies, and on the recognition of learner differences.

The skills that are developed simultaneously in the program are: listening, speaking, visuals, reading and writing. The areas of grammar, vocabulary and culture are studied and included within development of these skills.


Harshitha Technologies offer various Hindi courses for :

Course Training

About Hindi Languages Training
The Department of Hindi Languages consists of eleven well qualified faculty members. Some of them have been associated with either Germany, Japan or France in their own fields of professional experience. This helps the faculty members to teach students not only the foreign language, but also initiate them in the culture of these countries.

  • Detailed notes are taken to identify precise training needs.
  • Current language level is assessed and analysed according to the Linguarama competence levels chart.
  • The targets for the course are agreed – both the language levels and the skills to be acquired.
  • A course is designed to meet the training objectives set.
  • A team of trained teachers, all native speakers of the language, implement the training programme.
  • A constant review of the relevance and effectiveness of the programme is carried out.
  • The final report gives the individual and the company a detailed profile of the progress made together with suggestions for continuing language acquisition.

Hindi Language Training Duration

  • Normal Track 45 Working days for each course, daily one and half hour.
  • Weekend Batches(saturday,sunday) 2to3 hours for day total 16 working days.
  • Hindi Langusges Course.


Academic qualification and proficiency in Hindi languages opens the gate for career in sectors such as tourism, embassies, diplomatic service, entertainment, public relations and mass communication, international organisations, publishing, interpretation and translation, etc. Additionally, various multinational corporate bodies require candidates possessing excellent language skills in French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, etc. Some new avenues such as online content writers, technical translators or decoders too have come up in a big way.

International organisations such as the United Nations Organization (UNO), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and various Indian national organisations such as Ministry of External Affairs, Reserve Bank of India (RBI), etc too require professionals who have specialisation in foreign languages.

Trainer Profile

Real Training with Real Time experience. He has around 8 years of Experience in Training,Designing and Implementing the Applications based on Hindi languages