IT Consulting

→ To enable success, MHTS helps create strategies that transform enterprises by aligning IT strategy and priorities to their business objectives. We deliver practical advice and fast-performing solutions by leveraging our industry insight and unrivalled technology expertise.

→ To keep pace with the unprecedented technological advances in Information Technology and to leverage it to enhance productivity, reduce time to market and offer quality services to customers is bread and butter of IT managers of any business. History has proved beyond doubts the non-viability of covering the entire spectrum of corporate information technology by an all in-house Team. IT Managers have found Information Technology Consulting an effective and affordable alternative.

Harshitha Technology Solutions provides a wide array of information technology consulting services to augment the information technology related efforts and needs of businesses.

Harshitha Technology Solutions has strong and dedicated technology practice groups that focus on nurturing talents across heterogeneous platforms and tools, ensuring that we are well positioned to serve a wide spectrum of clients. Our consultants are highly competent with proven track record of technology expertise and experience. All our consultants have vast experience and strong technical expertise and considerable practical knowledge and they are backed by MHTS, assuring Quality and Continuity.

Our services include:
IT framework
IT in-sourcing
Feasibility, user impact and cost-benefits.
Process Excellence
Governance, Risk and Compliance
Customer Relationship Management
Business-case analysis
Business and technical requirement analysis
Feasibility study, technology research, solution prototyping
Software project planning, management