Course Overview

Software testing training involves developing skills in candidate relating to conducting processes to scrutinize quality of products as well as services so as to ensure that it is free from any defects. Software testing tutorial trains you to perform testing at any stage of processing so as to make sure that product and services are not invaded by any bugs. This process includes checking products and services to guarantee that they meet up their requirements.

Software testing training Class also develops individual skills in using various testing tools, including static and dynamic ones. Different tools and methods are adopted for testing credibility of products as well as services. While conducting this test, some aspects are taken into account namely, their type, development process, use, etc. One factor which needs to be considered is that of software type which is in its development stage.

Course Content

• What is Quality?
• What is testing?
• Why Testing is necessary?

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC):
• Initial (or) Requirements phase
• Analysis phase
• Design phase
• Coding phase
• Testing phase
• Delivery and Maintenance phase

Where Exactly Testing Come into picture?
• Conventional Testing
• Unconventional Testing

Testing Methodology
• Black Box Testing
• White Box Testing
• Gray Box Testing

Levels of Testing
• Unit Level Testing
• Module Level Testing
• Integration Level Testing
• System Level Testing
• User Acceptance Level Testing

• One Tier Architecture
• Two Tier Architecture
• Three Tier Architecture
• N- Tier Architecture

Software Development Models
• Waterfall Model
• Prototype Model
• Evolutionary Model
• Spiral Model
• Fish Model
• v-Model

Types of Testing
• Build Verification Testing
• Regression Testing
• Re-Testing
• alpha Testing
• beta Testing
• Static Testing
• Dynamic Testing
• Installation Testing
• Compatibility Testing
• Monkey Testing
• Usability Testing
• End-To-End Testing
• Exploratory Testing
• Security Testing
• Port Testing
• Reliability Testing
• Mutation Testing
• Adhoc Testing

Software Testing Life Cycle(STLC):
Test Planning
• Contents of Test Plan

Test Development
• Use Case Reviews
• Types of Test Cases

• Formats of Testing Documents
• Testing Process
• Test case design
• Test design techniques

Test Execution
• Execution Process
• End-to- End Scenarios execution

Result Analysis
Bug Tracking and Reporting
• Types of Bugs
• Identifying the Bugs
• Isolation the Bugs
• Bug Life Cycle
• Reporting the Bugs
• Classical Bug Reporting
• Common Repository oriented BRP
• Bug Tracking Tool Oriented BRP

Test Closure Activity
• Test Execution stop criteria
• Test summary reports


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Trainer Profile

Real Training with Real Time experience. He has around 13 years of Experience in Training,Designing and Implementing the Applications in software testing …