Sales Force Online Training

Course Overview

Salesforce is a CRM tool that helps you in giving a right approach to your business. Salesforce CRM training can improve your workforce productivity and customer satisfaction. It helps you win more deals and build profitable relationships for future with customers. Cloud Experts we give you detailed knowledge about Salesforce software and let you utilize this software to its full potential. Our Salesforce training courses are specially designed and customized to give you hands-on experience on CRM. We have qualified experienced trainers to provide you training. We provide class-room based training to our candidates as well as job assistance after completion of the course.

Course Content

  • Cloud Computing Concepts
  • Introduction
  • Evolution of Cloud Computing
  • Comparisons with other computing techniques
  • Key characteristics of cloud computing
  • Advantages/Disadvantages
  • Classification of Cloud Computing
  • Based on as a service model
  • PAAS (Platform as a service)
  • SAAS (Infrastructure as a service)
  • IAAS (Infrastructure as a service)
  • Based on deployment or access model
  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Statistics of Cloud Computing and Web
  • Web 1.0 Vs Web 2.0 Vs 3.0

 CRM Concepts

  • What is CRM?
  • Common business issues faced by companies today
  • How CRM can help?
  • What CRM brings to business?
  • Evolution of CRM
  • Business value of CRM
  • What CRM means to you as a user?
  • Customers benefiting from CRM
  • A view of available of CRM products from IT industry
  • Compare CRM with other CRM products


  • Overview of products
  • Sales – Sales Cloud and Jigsaw
  • Service – Service cloud and Remedyforce
  • Social – Chatter and Radian6
  • Custom –,, Heroku
  • Appexchange
  • Editions and Pricing
  • Sales Could Concepts
  • Home Page, Tabs, Apps, Tab Home Pages, Record, Detail Page, Related lists and Sidebar
  • Understanding Leads and Opportunities
  • Adding A Lead
  • Converting A Lead
  • Adding An Account
  • Team Contacts
  • Edit An Account Record
  • Adding An Opportunity
  • Adding A Product To An Opportunity
  • Sales ID
  • Adding A Contact
  • Adding A Task
  • Creating A View
  • Connect To Microsoft Outlook
  • Send And Add An Email
  • Activity History
  • Logging A Call
  • Submitting A Case
  • Documents Tab
  • Campaigns

Service Could Concepts

  • Create Case
  • Manage Cases
  • Researching and Resolving Cases
  • Communicating the Outcome
  • Automate case management
  • Capturing and associating cases efficiently
  • Helping customers helping themselves
  • Improving productivity

Build Killer Apps

  • Basics of – Apps, Tabs, Objects, Forms, Links etc
  • Benefits of platform
  • Databse, Security, Web Sites, Mobile, App Distribution and Intergation
  • Create an application to demonstrate
  • Create an application
  • Adding Relationships
  • Creating reports and dashboards
  • Using Formulas and validation rules
  • Using workflow and approvals
  • Adding business logic with Apex Triggers
  • Adding tests to your application
  • Building a custom user interface using Visualforce
  • Creating a public Web page using sites
  • Creating a Store Front
  • Creating a Desktop App with Flex

Apex – World’s First Cloud Computing Language

  • Introduction to Apex Code
  • Language Constructs
  • Invoking Apex
  • Classes, Objects and Interfaces
  • Apex Design Patterns
  • Testing Apex
  • Dynamic Apex
  • Batch Apex
  • Debugging Apex
  • Developing Apex in managed packages
  • Exposing Apex Methods as web services
  • Invoking callsouts using Apex
  • Deploying Apex


  • Custom user interfaces
  • Introduction and Tools
  • Styling VF pages
  • Standard Controllers and Standard List Controllers
  • Custom Controllers and Controller Extensions
  • Advanced examples
  • Overriding buttons, links and tabs with VF
  • Using static resources and custom components
  • Dynamic VF Bindings and Components
  • Integrating e-mail with VF
  • Rendering Flows with VF
  • Templating with VF
  • Developing for Mobile Devices
  • Adding VF to AppExchange App
  • Using JavaScript in VF Pages
  • Best Practices

Other Features

  • APIs, Tools, Documentation, Releases
  • Code Samples, Best practices, Deployment guide
  • Data Migration and Cheatsheets etc

Section 10 – Administration and Consulting

  • Concepts of SFDC Admin and Consulting
  • Case studies

Course Training

About SALESFORCE Training
Salesforce CRM is powerful client relationship management software package. Now days, Salesforce CRM is considered to be the most important element in business to manage all the operations with the motive to improve customer relationship with the existing customers and new one. Salesforce training maximizes the potential of Sales force CRM training can give you detailed knowledge about how Salesforce CRM impacts on your organization? How it focus on relationships with customers? .

SALESFORCE Training Duration
Normal Track 40 Working days for each course, daily one and half hour.
Weekend Batches(saturday,sunday) 2to3 hours for day total 16 working days.


Explain all key functions of Salesforce CRM and how it supports different processes involved in business like sales, marketing and customer service. Helps you in understanding the key features of Salesforce CRM and general overview

We believe, Salesforce training gives you the edge over your competitors and will help you grow and achieving the goals. And also help you in building reputation with clients. It can help you in knowing your business depth and implementing changes to your business for the advancement.

Trainer Profile

Real Training with Real Time experience. He has around 13 years of Experience in Training,Designing and Implementing the Applications based on SALESFORCE.