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Application Development

Harshitha Technology Solutions has a well-defined and mature application development process, which comprises the complete SDLC from business case analysis to warranty support of the application. This process supports a distributed delivery environment. Our experienced software engineers and professionals can help you achieve your applications goals through flexible and wide-ranging application service offerings, allowing you to optimize your IT investment for optimal returns.
→ Harshitha Technology Solutions has the experience,expertise and excellence to leverage the existing systems and offer customized solutions. We leverage on our experience and knowledge of numerous programming language, and techniques and various commercial database software.

→ Harshitha Technology Solution‘s unified development process, supported by its proven onsite-offshore development methodology, and quality management system, shortens the application development timeframes providing significant business benefits to its customers. Harshitha Technology Solutions offers flexible business relationship models to its prospective Clients, consultants and partners. Harshitha Technology Solutions understands that its business relationship models have to necessarily evolve from market demands and situations from time to time. It is based on its current perception of the international IT outsourcing market that Harshitha Technology Solutions has formulated its present Relationship, Engagement and Delivery Models. We are always open to tailor our relationship and delivery models to suit Client requirements.