Course Overview

If you are looking for enterprise level applications that are robust and use latest technologies like Struts Framework and the like, then HTS Solutions is your perfect choice. Not only are we involved in standalone applications using core Java but we also have the necessary expertise in creating Struts J2EE web application development solutions for your business.

Struts framework is an open source MVC framework, designed and offered by Apache Software framework for Java based web application development. This framework is extremely useful for speedy application development and encourages use of the MVC or Model View Controller design for its applications.

Course Content


  • Enterprise
  • Enterprise Application

System Architecture

  • 1-tier Architecture
  • 2-tier Architecture
  • n-tier Architecture

Types of Enterprise Applications

  • Web Applications
  • Distribute Applications

WebApplication Models

  • Model1-Architecture
  • Model2-Architecture

MVC Architecture& its Rules & Regulations

  • Web Framework
  • Application Framework

Struts Framework History
Struts Flow of Execution
Struts Elements

  • View
  • ActionServlet
  • RequestProcessor
  • FormBean(ActionForm)
  • Action class
  • web.xml
  • Struts Configuration File

Struts Tag Library

  • Html Tag library
  • Bean Tag library
  • Logic Tag library
  • Nested Tag library
  • Tiles Tag library

DynaActionForm & LazyDynaBean
Local Forwards & Global Forwards

  • Client Side Validations
  • Programmatic Approach
  • Declarative Approach(Validator Framework)
  • Server Side Validations
  • Programmatic Approach
  • Declarative Approach(Validator Framework)
  • Internationalization(I18N)
  • I18N at Core level
  • NumberFormat
  • DateFormat
  • ResourceBundle
  • I18N at Weblevel(Server & Jsp)
  • JSTL format tags
  • I18N in Struts
  • Exception Handling in Struts
  • Programmatic Approach
  • Declarative Approach
  • Custom Exceptions in Struts
  • Customization on ExceptionHandler
  • Tiles Frame work
  • Built-in Actions in Struts
  • IncludeAction
  • ForwardAction
  • LocaleAction
  • DispatchAction
  • LookupDispatchAction
  • MappingDispatchAction
  • EventDispatchAction
  • SwitchAction
  • Struts 2.x
  • Diff b/w Struts 1.x and Struts 2.x
  • Struts 2.x Flow of Execution
  • Struts 2.X Elements
  • Steps to design Struts Appl. In 2.xV
  • Struts 2.x Tag library
  • Struts 2.x Application with Annotation
  • Struts 2.x Validation
  • Database : Oracle
  • Servers :Tomcat Weblogic
  • IDE’s: MyEclipse, NetBeans


Java Spring is the most leading full-stack framework for Java EE applications.This course is loaded with lots of hands on examples and deals with maintenance and performance issues. After taking this class, developers will be able to build faster, more flexible and easier to maintain application persistence layers with the spring framework.

>According to IDC statistics, the demand for talent in all software development class, the to achieve 60 to 70% of the total demand. It should be said that the employment opportunities and prospects of the Java software engineers is very large. Plus Java software engineers not only IT professionals, the majority of non-IT companies is also needed. The outlook is very optimistic.

Trainer Profile

Real Training with Real Time experience. He has around 13 years of Experience in Training,Designing and Implementing the Applications based on Structs .